Meditatie Nivel II

Data eveniment: 18/04/2018

Bhagavat Dharma: How to develop our full human potential

This course will explore the three fundamental characteristics aspects of human nature, known as “dharma” in yoga philosophy. Understanding our dharma can help us to better align ourselves with our deepest potential and achieve increasing satisfaction, harmony, growth, meaningfulness and well-being in our lives. If you have ever suffered from a vague feeling that there is something missing in your life, perhaps despite the fact that you are successful by the usual standards of society and have a good job, a beautiful family, a nice house etc., this course will give you fresh insights. It is an unfortunate reality that the vast majority of us use but a tiny fraction of our human potentiality – mostly because we are unaware of it. We will discuss not only the characteristics of dharma, but also practical ways to optimize our expression of human dharma and lead more fulfilling lives.

Even more important than the content, however, is the fact that we will continue to practically deepen and develop our meditation by practicing collectively and supporting each other.

This course is a level II course, designed for those that have already taken an introductory meditation course at Morningstar or have received “diiksha” (personalized meditation practice) from Didi Ananda Devapriya or Dada Rasatmakananda.

The format for this course will be slightly different than the previous series.
We will begin at 19.00 with a half hour of kiirtan, followed by a half hour of meditation. Then we will have a brief introductory story, followed by tea and an interactive workshop on the theme of the evening. We will end with an informal sharing circle to continue building our sense of community and supportive caring for one another.

Miercuri 18 Aprilie
Vistara – the Quest for Freedom
In every human being, there is a thirst for limitlessness. We will explore the ways that this same profound urge can lead either to greediness and materialism – or if properly understood and harnessed – towards our spiritual destiny.

Miercuri 25 aprilie
Rasa – Aligning with the Divine
We will discuss the human need for harmony and connection and consider how it can either keep us in our safe, comfort zone of the status quo – or it can lead us to seek alignment with our deepest, divine soul.

Miercuri 2 mai
Seva – The Search for Meaningfulness

Human beings have a deep longing to find meaningful ways to contribute to the world. We will explore the ways that this longing can either lead to narcissistic self-aggrandizement or the liberating experience of unconditional love.

Suggested donation: 90 RON

Online bookings are not available for this event.

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